The following tools have been produced by our group on various research projects. Please feel free to try them out and you are welcome to send us comments by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Location-sensitive mobile games

Our group has designed and developed a number of location-sensitive mobile games

MuseumScrabble is a location-sensitive mobile game, designed and developed for a museum in Greece. The game is aimed for visiting pupils. Teams of players use PDAs to scan and link exhibits in the rooms of the museum. The game is loosely based on the adaption of the Scrabble board game in a location-based form. For more information, check the minisite.

Invisible CIty: Rebels Vs Spies is an adaption of the Mafia party game in a form to be played in a city center using Android mobile devices. A more detailed description and an overview of the rules can be found at www.invisiblecity.gr.

Pompeii design activity is a game design scenario that  has been developed as a practical design session for location-sensitive game designers. The premise is  to design a game for visitors of the Pompeii archaeological site.

Benaki MuseumScrabble is a location sensitive mobile game for Android and iPhone. It is being developed for the biggest private museum in Greece, the Benaki Museum.

StoryPlay is platform and a set of tools for developing and reproducing location-sensitive narratives. StoryPlay is currently under development.

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