QALIBRA - Quality of life - integrated benefit and risk analysis

QALIBRA (Quality of life - integrated benefit and risk analysis) is a Specific Targeted Research Project coordinated by Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories and supported by the European Commission's 6th Framework Programme, contract number FOOD-CT-2006-022957.

The project began April 1st 2006 and will run until 2009.



The project consortium is made of the following partners: The Central Science Laboratory, UK, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment of the Netherlands, the Wageningen University of the Netherlands, the HCI Group of the University of Patras, the Altagra Business Services and Travel Agency and the Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e das Pescas of Portugal.

The overall objectives of QALIBRA are to develop a suite of quantitative methods for assessing and integrating beneficial and adverse effects of foods, and make them available to all stakeholders as web-based software for assessing and communicating net health impacts.

To achieve these objectives QALIBRA will:

* Develop a generalised modular approach to risk-benefit analysis using menus of dose-response and valuation functions.
* Implement the risk-benefit analysis methods developed in QALIBRA in web-enabled software that is available for use by all stakeholders via an integrated website.
* Develop targeted risk communication strategies for integrated risk-benefit analysis, adapted to the needs of different stakeholders.
* Use the methods and software developed by QALIBRA to carry out comprehensive risk-benefit analyses for selected food groups including oily fish and functional foods, for selected EU populations.


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