How to reach the University of Patras HCI Lab

The Laboratory of the HCI Group is at the Eastern Building of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Patras, 1st floor, located at the Rio Campus of the University, around 10 km north of the city of Patras, Western Greece.

Google Maps: Οδός Υπατίας Κτήριο Ηλεκτρολόγων, Πανεπιστήμιο Πατρών 

The nearest major airport is the "Eleftherios Venizelos" Athens International Airport . Situated 240 km to the west of Patras. Visitors arriving at Athens airport have various alternatives to reach Patras and the University (a) by bus, (b) by train, (c) by car:

(a) by bus (Airport à Kifissos Intercity Bus Terminal (Athens) à Patras Central Bus Station à University Campus) aprox. 5 hours.
The most regular service of public transport connecting Patras with Athens is a bus service, which runs between 5:50 and 22:00 between the Kifissos Intercity Bus station in Athens and the Patras Central bus station, operated by KTEL the Greek intercity bus operator. A bus runs every 30 min, no advanced booking is required, tickets are purchased at the station, not on the bus. The bus journey duration is between 2.30 hours (express service) to 3.00 hours. The bus ticket costs around 20 euros. In order to reach the Intercity Bus station from the airport visitors may use bus X93 which operates 24 hours a day between the Airport and Kifissos Intercity Bus Station. The X93 bus terminal is at the Airport Arrivals Level, between Exits 4 and 5. There is a bus every 20 min and the ride lasts 50 minutes, tickets cost 3 euros and may be purchased on the bus.
Alternatively a taxi from the Airport to Kifissos Intercity Bus Station takes 30 to 45 minutes, fare of around 20 Euros, depending on the time of the day, number of items of luggage etc. So overall one should allow for at least 4 hours plus possible waiting time between the airport and Patras downtown using the bus and in total around 5 hours between the airport and the University campus.

(b) by train

NOTE THE TRAIN service is suspended due to works (9/2010) (Airport à Patras train station (change at Neratziotissa Ano Liossia and Kiato) à University Campus) aprox. 4.30 hours
Athens International Airport has been recently connected to the - rather modest - Greek railway network through the Suburban rail (proastiakos). The service is not very frequent and Greek trains not as fast or comfortable, as in some other European countries, however taking the train is simpler than option (a) above. Trains operate between 5.39 and 22:39and run approximately every two hours. Train tickets cost around 15 euros. For a train to Patras, passengers need to take the suburban rail from the Airport to Kiato (change train at Neratziotissa) and Ano Liossia) and then the local train from Kiato to Patras operated by OSE the Greek ralilway company. In either station there is no need to change platform, so it is convenient if you carry heavy luggage. The duration is around 4 hours. Indicative timetable is included bellow - valid as from July /2008- (more info at
www.ose.gr )

(c) by car (Airport à University Campus) aprox. 3 hours.
For a group of more than two people, renting a car from the airport is an alternative worth considering. The motorway is well signposted to Korinthos and then National Road Korinthos to Patras. Total distance is around 240 km. The Korinthos to Patras road is notoriously dangerous to drive, as it is considered the stretch of national road grid with the highest frequency of road accidents. So visitors should be particularly careful in observing the speed limits and other road signs. Upon approaching Patras, you follow the first exit after the Rio toll posts (around 10km before Patras city centre). There is a sign to the University Hospital and the University. Consult the Campus map for directions within the Campus. The duration of the journey is estimated to just 3 hours.

Approaching by car from other directions Coming from western Greece, take the last exit No 5 of Patras Ring Road, follow the signs to the University which is located very close to the motorway exit. Coming from the North, after crossing the Rio-Antirrio bridge, take the first exit after the bridge and follow signs to the University.

By boat Patras is a major port connecting Greece with Italy and the rest of Europe. More than 50 ship-services every week link Patras port with the major Italian ports of Ancona, Bari and Venice as well as the Ionian Islands. Ferry schedules for domestic as well as international routes are available at www.gtp.gr .

Fly to Araxos airport. A small regional airport at Araxos (70 km from the University campus) is connected through chartered flights with various European cities, mostly during the summer.

From Patras city center (bus stop or train station) to the University campus
The most convenient way to reach the University campus is by taxi. From the bus/train station or city centre take a taxi to the Laboratory (approx. fare 3 to 5 Euros, duration of the trip 10 to 20 min, depending on the traffic). There are taxis available around the clock. Taxi radio service phones: 1300, 2610 450000, 2610 346590.

Alternatively, one may take number 6 city bus (blue bus) for the University and Rio, which leaves from the bus terminal that is located downtown, runs every ten to fifteen minutes during term time and connects the University with the city. Just to make life more difficult, bus line number 6 servers various other routes, bypassing the campus, so it is advisable to ask before boarding if the specific bus goes to Panepistimio (University). Ticket costs around 1.50 euros and may be purchased on the bus. During summer and holidays the services are less frequent. There are bus stops on Ermou Str. and on Korinthou Str. Downtown, 10 min walk from the stations. One should ask the bus driver about the exact bus stop in the campus, The Electrical & Computer Engineering Department buildings are close to the Main building, the bank and the main cafeteria. The HCI Lab is located in the Eastern Building, See http://www.upatras.gr/maps/ (building number 37) for details on the Campus.

As from 2010 a train/bus service is operating hourly from Patras central railway station to Rio and the University Campus. The train leaves 35 min passed the hour from 7.35 to 10.35 and connects at Rio station to a bus. Total duration is approximately 20 min.

Long: 21.789837
Lat: 38.288109
Alt: 95.20m

(Information updated on January 23/2008)


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