Implementing a web-based e-learning environment for Electrical & Computer Engineers
[C70a] N. Avouris, K. Goutis, K. Markellos, P. Markellou, A. Tsakalidis, Implementing a web-based e-learning environment for Electrical & Computer Engineers, Proc. International Conference on Engineering Education, pp. 5213-5227, Valencia, July 21-25, 2003. (pdf)

In this paper, we study the e-learning process from the learner’s point of view. In particular, we have investigated and studied technologies, methods and tools of e-learning applications. Based on this research, we have designed and implemented a system that gives users the opportunity to be educated from distance -with channel of communication the Internet- in various academic subjects. The specific case study concerns the lesson “CMOS VLSI Design” of the Postgraduate Program “Integrated Software and Hardware Systems – ISHS” of the University of Patras in Greece. It is an integrated e-learning system that provides users with a wide range of advanced services and accomplishes to offer a distributed learning environment that simulates the operation of traditional class teaching electronically. The paper presents in detail the e-learning model in which the system development was based on, the offered functionalities, as well as the evaluation methodology adopted for testing the system. The last section comprises conclusions and future plans.

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