Improving web site usability through a clustering approach
[C73] M. Koutri, S. Daskalaki, Improving web site usability through a clustering approach, in J.Jacko and C. Stephanidis (ed.) Human-Computer Interaction, vol 1, Proc. HCII 2003, pp. 788-792, Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc., Mahwah, NJ, 2003. (pdf)

One of the main parameters of web usability is related to the smooth navigation of the user and easy access to the information sought. In this paper, we propose a process for improvement of web site structure design by interpreting discovered patterns of web usage logs, with the objective to improve the usability parameters of a given web site. We discuss a cluster-mining algorithm for grouping together related web pages of the site. The clusters found in the process are to be used for redesign of the site and improve connectivity of related pages and thus to facilitate navigation.

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