Real-time Peer Collaboration in Open and Distance Learning
[C75] N. Avouris, M. Margaritis, V. Komis, Real-time Peer Collaboration in Open and Distance Learning, Proc 6th HERCMA 2003, Athens, September 2003. (pdf)

In this paper an overview of some key issues of computer-support for real-time collaborative problem solving in the context of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is attempted. Aspects of the synchronous collaboration-support environment Modelling Space are described. This environment has been recently used in a number of empirical studies involving collaborative problem solving. From these studies it has been found that the representational and operation tools of the ModellingSpace common activity space influence considerably interaction and communication. Also the coordination mechanism used was found that affects problem solving and collaboration. This environment is proposed here as a tool that can be effectively integrated as a service to the students of ODL courses, in addition to more traditional asynchronous collaboration tools, improving community building.

computer-supported collaborative learning, human-computer interaction, peer-to-peer computing, open and distance learning.

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