OCAF: An object-oriented model of analysis of collaborative problem solving
[C47] N.M. Avouris, A. Dimitracopoulou, V. Komis, C. Fidas, OCAF: An object-oriented model of analysis of collaborative problem solving, G. Stahl (ed), Proceedings CSCL 2002, pp.92-101, Colorado, January 2002, Erlbaum Assoc. Hillsdale, NJ, 2002. (pdf)

Computer-supported collaborative problem solving requires new methodological approaches of interaction and problem solving analysis. Usually analysis of collaborative problem solving situations is done through discourse analysis or interaction analysis, where in the center of attention are the actors involved (students, tutors etc.). An alternative framework, called “Object-oriented Collaboration Analysis Framework (OCAF)” is presented here, according to which the objects of the collaboratively developed solution become the center of attention and are studied as entities that carry their own history. This approach produces a view of the process, according to which the solution is made of structural components that are ‘owned’ by actors who have contributed in various degrees to their development. OCAF is based on both actions and dialogues of actors, providing qualitative as well as quantitative indicators of collaboration and solution quality. The paper presents first the framework notation. Examples of its use in analysis of distance groups and face-to-face collaborative activities are provided next, followed by the dimensions of the framework supported analysis for teachers and researchers. Web-based tools supporting the OCAF approach are also presented.

Collaborative problem solving analysis, face-to-face collaboration analysis, dialogue-action analysis, web-based analysis tools.

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