Experiences from Distant Collaboration Experiments on Programming Techniques
[c105] Xenos M., Stavrinoudis D., Avouris N., Margaritis, M., Experiences from Distant Collaboration Experiments on Programming Techniques, Proc. 3rd International Conference on Open and Distance Learning, Patras, November 2005, Propombos Publ, Vol A, pp. 545-559 (in Greek) (pdf)

This paper reports on the process of introducing collaborative learning activities in the context of open and distance learning. In particular it presents the findings and the lessons learned from introducing a computer-supported synchronous collaboration activity in an introductory module of the Hellenic Open University computer science course. Synergo, a peer to peer interaction software that supports such an approach using low bandwidth Internet connection, was used in this study. The organizational, technical and academic challenges of introducing the activity in the curriculum are discussed. Finally, after analyzing students’ interaction, their views and evaluation of the produced results, a number of conclusions related to students’ interaction are presented.

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