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eTEN is the European Community Programme designed to help the deployment of telecommunication networks based services (e-services) with a trans-European dimension. It focuses strongly on public services, particularly in areas where Europe has a competitive advantage.

e-COMODE is an eTEN project active in 2005-2006. The goal of the project is to achieve a market validation of the e-COMODE service that is related to the ModellingSpace collaborative modeling environment and make plans for its future market deployment. Therefore, the objectives of the project are to observe the potential market, evaluate the service acceptance at the different pilot sites, study the real market needs and produce a deployment plan for the e-COMODE service. The HCI group has coordinated technology development of the IST funded ModellingSpace project. The expertise of the HCI group in human computer interaction, usability engineering, collaborative and mobile technologies, software design and development was the core technology provider of the project. The group has been the main software designer and developer of the ModellingSpace client components, while the same group has lead the design and development of the ModelsCreator tools, the background project of ModellingSpace. In e-COMODE the HCI Group is leader of work in Workpackage 2 (Market Analysis and Study) and Workpackage 3 (Prototype Adaptation and Localization) while is the main provider of the e-COMODE technological services (collaborative modeling environment, training, support).

e-COMODE offers to schools an open digital learning environment which assists young students in creating models. This computer-based environment supports learners in expressing their ideas, building, designing and testing models of various situations with rich visualisation and simulation tools. Moreover, the e-COMODE eLearning Environment encourages and supports collaborative problem solving and online communication with peers and teachers, promoting the acquisition of these skills, which are also extremely important for young studentsʼ future. The participants are Atos Origin Spain, Aegean University Property Mgt Corp. Greece, University of Patras Greece, SEK Educational Insitution Spain, Ellinogermaniki Sxoli Greece, Southern Education & Library Board UK and Dodecanese Secondary Education Directorate Greece.
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