Picture of PAPACHRISTOS EleftheriosPhd, Post-Doctoral Researcher

Human Computer Interaction, User Experience, Interface Design and Evaluation methodologies, Interface Aesthetics, Preference Mapping, Remote evaluation techniques. 

University of Patras
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Section of Electronics and Computers
GR - 26500 Rio, Patras, GREECE
Telephone: +302610997304, Fax:: +302610996820

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Eletherios Papachristos is a Post-Doctoral researcher in the Interactive Technologies Laboratory at the University of Patras. He holds a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering and a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction. His research is mainly focused in the development of evaluation methods for visual interface design through multivariate statistical techniques and perceptual mapping. At his initial steps as a researcher he investigated the use of Bayesian Networks in order to build predictive models for appropriate color usage in websites. Currently, he is researching evaluation techniques and works on building tools in order to facilitate remote visual design evaluations. He has also worked for more than ten years as Interface designer and User Experience consultant both for industry and for academic research projects. 


PhD: In Human Computer Interaction - University of Patras - Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (February 2013)
Dissertation title: “Development of evaluation methods for visual design with multivariate statistical techniques” 
Diploma: In Electrical and Computer Engineering – University of Patras - Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (November 2004)
Thesis title: “The Design and development of a software application that aids color selection for website design through Bayesian Networks”
High School: Greek Lyzeum/Gymnasium Dortmund (Germany) (1995)

Research interests

Human Computer Interaction, Interface Design and Evaluation Methodologies, User Experience, Affective - Emotional Design, Preference construction, First Impression formation, Perceptual Mapping Techniques, Multivariate Statistical Techniques, Remote Evaluation Methodologies, Website Usability and Credibility, User diversity (Personality, Cultural), Eye-tracking Research, Data Visualization techniques, Persuasive Technology, Social Media research. 


UX Research skills:

User Experience and Usability evaluation techniques: In-lab and remote usability testing, heuristic evaluation, expert walkthroughs, think aloud protocol, task analysis, eye-tracking studies, prototyping, card sorting, semi-structured interviews, surveys, focus groups, questionnaire design, experimental design and analysis. User Interface evaluation techniques: aesthetic design evaluation methods and techniques, high-fidelity prototyping, wireframes, alternative prototype comparison analysis.

Data Analysis skills:

Statistical analysis techniques of experimental and quasi-experimental studies: descriptive statistics, covariance analysis, correlation analysis, regression analysis. Multivariate statistical techniques: multidimensional scaling, preference mapping, repertory grid technique. Statistical techniques for questionnaire design: factor analysis, partial least squares and clustering techniques. Qualitative data analysis techniques: grounded theory.

Participation in Research Projects

(2001 – 2001)  Participation in the European research project  “IST-2000-25385: MODELINGSPACE: Space of ideas expression modeling and collaboration”. Financed by  the European Union.
(2004 – 2004)  Participation in the national research project  “Program Pythagoras: Support of Universities 'Research Groups “. Financed by the Ministry of Education.
(2005 – 2005)  Participation in the national research project  “SPEECHDAT: Speech databases for creation of voice driven teleservices”. Financed by the Research Committee of the University of Patras.
(2005 – 2006)  Participation in the European research project  “e-COMODE: Collaborative Modelling Environment”. Financed by the European Union
(2006 – 2006)  Participation in the national research project  «IST-2001-32343 GEMINI: Generic enviroment for multilingual interactive natural interfaces». Financed by the General Secreteriat of Research and Technology.
(2006 – 2009)  Usability consultant  in the European research project “FP6-QALIBRA - Quality of life - integrated benefit and risk analysis”. Financed by  the European Union.
(2006 – 2006)  Participation in the national research project  “Program Pythagoras II, Support of Universities 'Research Groups: Human Computer Interaction: Research and development of predictive information foraging models in the World Wide Web”. Financed by the Hellenic Ministry of Education.
(2011– 2012)  Usability consultant  in the European research project  “FP7-Cooperation 226521 ORCHESTRA”. Financed by  the European Union.
(2010 – 2013)  Usability and User Experience consultant  in the European research project  “FP7-Combination CP-CSA-227887: SERIES: Seismic Engineering Research Infrastructures for European Synergies”. Financed by the European Union.
(2013– present)  Usability and User Experience consultant  in the European research project  “INTER-SOCIAL: Unleashing the Power of Social Networking for Enhancing Regional SME's”. Financed by the European Territorial Cooperation Operational Programme “Greece-Italy” 2007-2013”.

Professional experience 

(1998 - today)  Worked as a Visual Interface designer mainly in Web projects as a freelancer and for various companies (e.g. XS comunications, Patrastoday, Istopolis, Protianer ltd, Euroteam KEK)
(2001 - 2002)  Design and evaluation of a Multimedia Educational software for Environmental Education in Greek high schools. Action financed from the Ministry of Education and National Youth Foundation.
(2002 - 2007)  Design and development of numerous departments and laboratories in the University of Patras (e.g. civil engineering department, department of early childhood education, Applied Electronics Laboratory, Wireless communication laboratory, human computer interaction laboratory), 
(2000, 2005, 2008)  Three times member of the design, development and evaluation team of the Electrical & Computer Engineering Departments website of the University of Patras. (www.ece.upatras.gr) 
(2000 - 2005)  Administrator of the Electrical & Computer Engineering Departments website (www.ece.upatras.gr)
(2008  2008)  Requirements specification, user interface design, and development of the website of the International Artificial Intelligence Conference   ECAI 2008.
(2009 – 2009)  Member of the web site development team in the project "Supporting the visitors of Solomos Museum with mobile devices" (www.museumsolomos.gr/)

Teaching experience

(2006 - 2012) Teaching assistant in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of University of Patras for undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

  • Human Computer Interaction and Design of Interactive Systems (4-years)
  • Databases (2-years)
  • Internet programming and technologies (2-years)

(2008 - 2013)  Design  and co-supervision of 4 diploma thesis in the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering of the University of Patras under the supervision of Prof. Nikolaos Avouris.

(2013 - today)  Adjunct Lecturer at the Applied Informatics in Business and Economics department of the Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece. Courses taught: Databases and Information Systems.

(2013 )              Invited speaker at the event: World Usability and Accessibility Days 2013 - Healthcare, Collaborating for Better Systems, University of Athens. Topic: Visual Design and accessibility of healthcare websites. 


Computer Knowledge 

  • Web Programming: HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, ASP, JQuery 
  • Data Bases: MySQL. MS Access
  • Programming languages: Python, VB, Fortran
  • Specific programming lang.: Actionscript (Flash), MATLAB, R SVG, D3
Experience with software packages and applications:
  • Graphics software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • 3D graphics software: Cinema 4D, 3D studio max
  • Animation software: Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Flash
  • Statistical analysis software: SPSS, XLStat, The Unscrambler,

Reviewer for international Conferences and Journals

(2007, 2008)  IADIS International Conference on WWW/Internet
(2009, 2011, 2013) ΙNTERACT Conference
(2010)  European Journal of Information Systems
(2014)  CHI Conference

Professional Memberships

(2000- present)   Member of the Human-Computer Interaction Group of the University of Patras       
(2004 - present) Member of T.E.E. (Technical Chamber of Greece)
(2008 - present) Member of  ACM Greek SIGCHI: ACM’s Greek Special Interest Group for Human Computer Interaction


English : Lower (Cambridge)
German: Mittelstufe,  Kleines Deutesches Sprach diplom (Goethe)



(2005)  Served in the Technical Corps Division of the Greek Army

(2006)  Received a Prize for the proposal submitted at the national Otenet Innovation Competition

(2013)  Created Devy-v (www.devy-v.com) a free online tool for remote visual design evaluation studies. At this time it allows users to conduct visual design Preference Mapping Studies. The future goal is to enrich this application by adding a series of already known and experimental techniques in order to become a portal for visual design evaluation methods. 


Book Chapters - Dissertation

[DIS]   Papachristos, E.(2012).  Development of evaluation methods for visual design with multivariate statistical techniques, PhD Dissertation (pdf)

[BC]    Avouris N., Tselios N., Fidas C., Papachristos E.,(2003) Website evaluation: A usability-based perspective, in Manolopoulos Y. et al. (ed.) Advances in Informatics, LNCS No 2563, pp. 217-232, Springer Verlag, Berlin.3. 


[J1]    Raptis, D., Papachristos, E., Kjeldskov, J., Skov, M. B., Avouris, N. (2013), Studying the effect of perceived hedonic mobile device quality on user experience evaluations of mobile applications. In Behaviour And Information Technology 2013 (forthcoming) 


[C11]    Papachristos, E., Katsanos, C., Karousos, N., Ioannidis, I., Fidas, C., Avouris, N., (2014) Deployment, Usage and Impact of Social Media Tools in Small and Medium Size Enterprises: A Case Study. HCI International 2014 (accepted)

[C10]    Ioannidis, I., Papachristos, E., Fidas, C., Katsanos, C., Karousos, N., Avouris, N., (2014) SONETA: A Social Media Trend Geo-Analysis Tool. HCI International 2014. (accepted)

[C9]     Papachristos, E., & Avouris, N. (2013). The Influence of Website Category on Aesthetic Preferences. In Human-Computer Interaction–INTERACT 2013 (pp. 445-496). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. (pdf)

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[C5]     Fidas C., Katsanos C., Papachristos E., Tselios N., Avouris N.(2007). Remote Usability Evaluation Methods and Tools: A Survey. In T. Papatheodorou, D. Christodoulakis and N. Karanikolas (Eds.) (pp. 151-163) Proceedings of PCI 2007 (pdf)

[C4]     Papachristos, E., Tselios, N., & Avouris, N. (2006). Bayesian modelling of colour's usage impact to web credibility. In Proceedings of the 2006 conference on ECAI 2006: 17th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence August 29--September 1, 2006, Riva del Garda, Italy (pp. 41-45). IOS Press.

[C3]    Papadopoulou, M., Tselios N., Papachristos, E., Komis, V . (2006). Colour Impact in user interface of educational software. Proceedings 5th ETPE Conf., vol. A., (pp. 701-709), Thessaloniki, October 2006. (In Greek).

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[C1]     Papachristos, E., Tselios, N., Avouris, N. (2005). Inferring relations between color and emotional dimensions of a web site using Bayesian Networks. In Human-Computer Interaction-INTERACT 2005 (pp. 1075-1078). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.


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