Is there a way to e-Bologna? Cross-National Collaborative Activities in University Courses
[ c118] A. Harrer, G. Kahrimanis, S. Zeini, L. Bollen, N. Avouris, Is there a way to e-Bologna? Cross-National Collaborative Activities in University Courses, Proceedings 1st European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning EC-TEL, Crete, October 1-4, 2006, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 4227/2006, pp. 140-154, Springer Berlin (pdf )



This article describes a study of distance collaborative activities that have been conducted in a cross-national setting between a Greek and a German university. We discuss issues related to organization, technology, and curricula considerations. In addition, we analyze the modes of cooperation that have been chosen in the studentsʼ work on creative problem solving tasks and conclude that for complex learning scenarios successful collaboration and peer tutoring in advanced learning support environments is possible, but requires careful preparation and planning. Further we draw conclusions on possible wider implications for such approaches in the emerging common European Area of Higher Education in the frame of the process.


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