On Supporting Usersʼ Reflection During Collaboration
[c119] M. Margaritis, N. Avouris, G. Kahrimanis, On Supporting Usersʼ Reflection during Small Groups Synchronous Collaboration, 12th International Workshop on Groupware, CRIWG 2006 Valladolid, Spain, September 17-21, 2006, LNCS 4154, pp. 140 – 154 Groupware: Design, Implementation and Use, Springer Verlag, 2006. (pdf ).



During computer-mediated synchronous collaboration there is need for supporting reflection of the partners involved. In this paper we study techniques for determining the state of an evolving collaborative process, while the activity is in progress, making the users aware of this state. For this reason, a State of Collaboration (SoC) indicator has been defined, which is calculated using a combination of machine-learning and statistical techniques. Subsequently a study was performed during which SoC was presented to a number of groups of collaborating partners engaged in problem-solving activities. It was found that this group awareness mechanism influenced in a significant way the behavior of the groups in which it was used. This study has wider implications to the design of groupware and in particular towards gaining an insight into the effect of group awareness mechanisms on computer-mediated collaborative learning.


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