Web design approach based on information foraging theory
[c132] N. Tselios, C. Katsanos, N. Avouris, Beyond user centered design: A web design approach based on information foraging theory, Proceedings of Workshop Are New Methods Needed in User-Centered System Design?, INTERACT 2007, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 2007 (pdf)



In this paper we describe a novel, tool-based approach for designing and evaluating web based information environments. The approach is inspired by information foraging theory which led to realization of appropriate tools to evaluate hyperlinkʼs semantic appropriateness and automate the process of in-formation architecture construction with limited participation of end users. We argue that it is crucial to provide increased level of automation in the design and evaluation lifecycle and the presented model-based tools could offer such a characteristic. In addition, they reinforce established techniques which are often neglected due to limited resources.

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