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The Automated Card Sorting tool (AutoCardSorter) is an automated tool that supports the design and evaluation of the information architecture of information-rich applications, like most Web sites.  AutoCardSorter is inspired by the Card Sorting user method and employs semantic similarity measures (e.g. Latent Semantic Analysis - LSA)) to calculate the semantic similarity of different Web pages and clustering algorithms (e.g. Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms)  to cluster accordingly the information space.  The tool also implements statistically-based heuristics (e.g. Elbow Criterion) to support the user in determining the number of categories.

AutoCardSorter is aimed at providing the necessary flexibility and efficiency to the practitioners to design or evaluate the information architecture of a web site. Such an automated approach could substantially accelerate the design and evaluation lifecycle, by providing valuable insight and increasing the possibility to explore alternative designs for the structure of a web site.Other benefits include the support to non-technical content creators and multi-audience sites.

Download and use AutoCardSorter

The tool is still evolving and is currently used for research purposes.When it reaches a mature enough level we will make it publicly available for a wider use. However, since some people have already expressed their interest in using the tool, you can ask to try it out at ckatsanos[at]ece[dot]upatras[dot]gr

Recent articles related to AutoCardSorter

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