Supervising Algorithm Teaching (in Greek)
[c137] E. Voyatzaki, N. Avouris, P. Polyzos, Supervising and Supporting Collaborative Activities during Algorithm Teaching, 4th Panhellenic Conference on Didactics of Informatics, Patras, March 2008 (in Greek) (pdf )


During teaching of algorithmic structures through exploratory activities that involve multiple small groups of students, it has been observed that the teachers find it particularly hard to intervene effectively and support the students, since there are various loci of attention, so understanding the multiple parallel activities is particularly difficult. In this context, a new tool, SynergoSupervisor, has been designed to monitor collaboration at run time that gathers data of the individual groupsʼ activities and creates at run time views of the activity of the class and the groups. The tool may be also used off line as simulator of class activity to be used for training of teachers or teachers to be, in supervising collaborative learning activities. This is the subject of the paper.

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