Teaching students how to improve their collaboration

[c138] A. Meier, E. Voyatzaki, G. Kahrimanis, N. Rummel, H. Spada, N. Avouris, 2008, Teaching students how to improve their collaboration: Assessing collaboration quality and providing adaptive feedback in a CSCL setting. Submitted as part of the symposioum "New Challenges in CSCL: Towards adaptive script support" (Nikol Rummel and Armin Weinberger), ICLS 2008, Utrecht, June 2008.


Computer-supported collaborative learning has been an active area of research since the beginning for the HCI group more>>

Web usability team of the HCI Group has been active in studying human-web interaction and ways to support the design of accessible, findable, usable and aesthetically appealing web sites. more>>

Mobile Technology Unit of the HCI Group has been studying design and evaluation of mobile applicationss more>>

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