INTERACT 2009 - Katsanos et. al. (Study Materials)

Are Ten Participants Enough for Evaluating Information Scent of Web Page Hyperlinks? (Accompanying Webpage)

Goals and Menu Items Used

Task 1
*Goal: Buy the cheapest car navigation  system (GPS).
*Menu Items: Car Accessories | Hobbies & Toys | Computers | Video Games | Gun & Lasers | Home & Office | Flashlights/Lamps | Others

Task 2
*Goal: Find destinations for snow skating during Christmas.
*Menu Items: Ski & Winter | Outdoors & Adventure | Weekend Getaways | News, Tips & Advice | Family & Kids | Islands & Beaches | Tours & Cruises | Honeymoon, Spa & Romance

Task 3
*Goal: How do I keep my breath smelling good and fresh apart from brushing my teeth twice a day?
*Menu Items: Dental | General Health Care | Other - Health | Men Health | Mental Health | Diet and Fitness | Women Health | Diseases and Conditions

Task 4
*Goal: Find an article about a blogger that was copying journalists columns from popular newspapers and published them online as his own.
*Menu Items: Media | Law | Science | Politics | War & Peace | Living | Culture | Education

Task 5
*Goal: How can I know if i eat cloned meat?
*Menu Items: Food | Animals | Communication | Computer | Health | Money | Home & Garden | Science

Task 6
*Goal: How many days can humans survive without any food and water?
*Menu Items: Human Nature | Biotechnology | Anatomy | Sex & Reproduction | Death & Dying | Life Stages | Medical Encyclopedia | Health & Illness

Task 7
*Goal: Find the web sites of the most visited universities.
*Menu Items: Reference | Society | Home | Science | Business | News | Computers | Health

Task 8
*Goal: Find tips to prevent insects from entering your house without using any chemicals.
*Menu Items: General Repairs | Heating & Cooling | Household Safety | Home Office | Tools & Materials | Furniture Restoration | Painting |Energy Efficiency

Note: The link leading to the desired information in the actual websites is always presented first in this document and formatted in italics. For the study, the presentation of the websites and the order of links in the homepages were randomized to avoid serial order effects.

First Phase of the Study - Example Item from the Scent-Rating Questionnaire

Second Phase of the Study - Examples of the Screens Used


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