ESALP is a web-based application that is meant to be used as a tool to disseminate and teach Web accessibility guidelines and good design practices. The tool adopts an example-based learning approach. First, it exposes people to the accessibility impasses that arise when certain, established guidelines are violated, and then provides concise advice on how to avoid or resolve them. The tool is addressed to Web practitioners as well as students and professors in departments with web design courses. The current version of the tool presents examples of violations for all the WCAG v1.0 accessibility guidelines. These examples were derived from an in-depth, Web accessibility evaluation study of 50 Greek websites.

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Recent articles related to Esalp

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[c145] Tsakoumis A., Katsanos C., Avouris N. (2009). ESALP: Towards a tool to support dissemination and learning of Web accessibility guidelines. In Proceedings of the 3rd Conference of Electrical and Computer Engineering Students, Thessaloniki, Greece (in Greek)

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