Learning about web accessibility: A project based tool-mediated approach

[j56] Katsanos, C., Tselios, N., Tsakoumis, A., & Avouris, N. (2012). Learning about web accessibility: A project based tool-mediated approach. Education and Information Technologies, 17(1), 79-94, doi: 10.1007/s10639-010-9145-5 (pdf of author's version)


Many websites remain inaccessible for people with disabilities, despite the availability of relevant guidelines and tools. This is mainly due to lack of appropriate training of Web designers on accessibility technology. In this paper, a project based learning activity designed to instruct Web accessibility guidelines and good design practices is presented. The activity is mediated by a web-based learning environment, which presents real-world examples of accessibility impasses that arise when certain, established guidelines are violated, and then provides advice on how to avoid or resolve them. The learning material contained in the tool is offered through a faceted browsing approach, thus enabling active exploration by the learner. A within-subjects case study compared the learning effectiveness of traditional academic instruction (pre-condition) with the proposed project based activity (post-condition) in the context of a University course. A significant improvement in studentsʼ academic performance and perceived learning was found.


Human−computer interaction; Web accessibility; project based learning; educational tool; accessibility study.


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