Content creation by end users for location-sensitive mobile educational games
[c172] C. Sintoris, D. Raptis, N. Yiannoutsou, S. Dimitriou, N. Avouris, "Content creation by end users for location-sensitive mobile educational games", Proceedings, IS-EUD 2011 Workshop Involving End Users and Domain Experts in Design of Educational Games, 2011, Torre Canne, Italy (pdf )


In this paper we discuss the use of social media as tools for collaboratively creating content for location-sensitive mobile educational games. One of the main challenges for the broader adoption of location-based mobile games for learning is the process of creating useful content. End-users, e.g. teachers and facilitators who use such games may be actively involved in this process. We discuss experience of using tools for end-user content creation for two location-sensitive mobile games. The game design process is presented as the interplay between technology, learning and content with the content generation as a distinct phase of the process. Finally we discuss the opportunities and limitations of using social media for content-creation. (pdf )


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