Are First Impressions about Websites Only Related to Visual Appeal?

[c175] Papachristos, E., Avouris, N. (2011), Are First Impressions about Websites Only Related to Visual Appeal?  INTERACT 2011, Part I, LNCS 6946, pp. 489–496, Springer.(pdf)


This paper investigates whether immediate impression about websites influences only perceptions of attractiveness. The evaluative constructs of perceived usability, credibility and novelty were investigated alongside visual appeal in an experimental setting in which users evaluated 20 website screenshots in two phases. The websites were rated by the participants after viewing time of 500 ms in the first phase and with no time limit in the second. Within-website and within-rater consistency were examined in order to determine whether extremely short time period are enough to quickly form stable opinions about high level evaluative constructs besides visual appeal. We confirmed that quick and stable visual appeal judgments were made without the need of elaborate investigations and found evidence that this is also true for novelty. Usability and credibility judgments were found less consistent but nonetheless noteworthy.



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