HCI Group particicated in SERIES(SEISMIC ENGINEERING RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURES FOR EUROPEAN SYNERGIES) AND specifically in the folowing work packages:

Project Corporate

A web portal will be promptly set up at UPAT, for communication and exchange of information in all project. Its design and implementation will start upon a potential invitation of the proposal to negotiations. The portal will be continuously upgraded during the project and maintained after its end. It will support controlled access of various groups of partners (e.g., Committee members, WP leaders and teams, etc.) to strictly administrative, financial or confidential information, or to project results considered immature for public release. To address several user categories with different needs and access levels, the portal will provide personalised access to each user category with highest level of encryption protocols.

Database and data access technical specification

The following activities are part of this task:

  • Identification of user‟s requirements regarding the portal services provided and future extensions.
  • Identification of the formats and structures in use in the European experimental facilities by reviewing what is currently available in the consortium.
  • Formulation of a common data model leading to an exchange protocol (check compatibility with the current work at world level on data modelling).
  • Requirements for the development of a user interface of the portal to the distributed database.
  • Definition of a query policy for building up a content table at the central portal.
  • Investigation of security issues and establishment of a query policy and delegated access to the data of the existing databases.
  • Investigation of an extension of the data model to on-line data.


Creation of distributed Database part of which is:

  • Data Access Portal, which is used mainly as an information space for downloading, uploading and searching for experimental data sets in earthquake engineering.
  • Virtual Database, which is providing access by reference to different laboratory nodes, located in different places distributed over the network.
  • Laboratory Nodes software, which are used for achieving the adaptation or filtering of custom data sets owned by laboratories to the common data format.
  • Security Policy for achieving secure exchange of information among the Laboratory Nodes and the Data Access Portal.
  • Query Policy, providing novel search capabilities to users through the Data Access Portal.
  • Communication Protocol among the Data Access Portal and the Laboratory Nodes for assuring data consistency among them.
  • Usability Evaluation and Testing of the overall service using existing data and data obtained during Transnational Access tests.

Computer-supported collaborative learning has been an active area of research since the beginning for the HCI group more>>

Web usability team of the HCI Group has been active in studying human-web interaction and ways to support the design of accessible, findable, usable and aesthetically appealing web sites. more>>

Mobile Technology Unit of the HCI Group has been studying design and evaluation of mobile applicationss more>>

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