Visitor Engagement through Location-Sensitive Mobile Applications

[#c181] E. Dimaraki, (2012). Visitor Engagement through Location-Sensitive Mobile Applications: The Case for Object-Focused Interpretive Tools, Proceedings of the 8th Pan-Hellenic Conference with International Participation «ICT in Education», Volos, Greece, 28-30 September 2012, available online: http://hcicte2012.uth.gr



Location-sensitive mobile applications are ideally suited  for providing visitors with appropriate 
interpretive tools to develop their confidence in relating, both intellectually and emotionally, with 
cultural objects that they encounter in the museum. Object-focused interpretive tools are conceived on 
the assumption that the target cultural content can be intrinsically engaging, if visitors are supported to 
perform interpretive acts that illuminate its significance to them. Such tools can also support more 
demanding participatory activities that invite visitors to contribute their own perspective to the 
museum narrative, both b (y easing visitors' reluctance to participate and by scaffolding the generation of 
more substantial content that is valuable to the institution and to other visitors. (full text)



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