The good, the bad and the neutral: an analysis of team-gaming activity

[c186] Chounta, Irene-Angelica; Sintoris, Christos; Masoura, Melpomeni; Yiannoutsou, Nikoleta; Avouris, Nikolaos (2013). The good, the bad and the neutral: an analysis of team-gaming activity, ECSCW meets EC-TEL: Workshop on Collaborative Technologies for Working and Learning, Paphos, Cyprus; 21/09/2013, (authors' pdf)


This paper describes a preliminary study where a multiplayer location-based game’s logfiles were used for the assessment of the overall practice of teams. We explore the use of activity metrics previously introduced and applied to CSCL settings. We argue that these metrics, if adapted in a meaningful way, will provide insight of the progress of a location-based gaming activity and its quality regarding the score. Moreover, this can be achieved in an automated way. A small set of activity metrics, related to game characteristics and player activity, is applied to a set of gaming activities. The results are analyzed regarding team performance and score. The paper proposes a way to analyze group activity in the context of location-based games while taking into account the characteristics of successful collaborative activities. Future work is proposed towards the development of automated metrics for the analysis of location-based gaming activities with emphasis on collaboration and group dynamics.

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