TaggingCreaditor: A tool to create and share content for location-based games

[c195] C.Sintoris, N.Yiannoutsou, A.Ortega-Arranz, R.López-Romero, M.Masoura, N.Avouris, Y.Dimitriadis, (2014), TaggingCreaditor: A tool to create and share content for location-based games for learning, proc. 8th International Conference on Interactive Mobile Communication Technologies and Learning, IMCL2014, Thessaloniki, November 2014.


This paper describes TaggingCreaditor, a content authoring tool for location-based games. This tool is implemented both as a mobile and desktop application, which offers the possibility to end users to easily create, edit and/or mix content for these games. TaggingCreaditor has been designed to support a number of location-based games for learning in cultural heritage sites, based on the idea of connections between digital content and the physi-cal world. Thus, the aim of the reported research was to create a tool that can support the users to customize these games by creat-ing content in the form of textual and multimedia information that can be linked with specific locations or objects indoors and outdoors. In this paper we outline the design rationale and dis-cuss the findings of an initial evaluation study.

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