Requirements Elicitation for new Video Game Development Tools: A Case Study,

[c201] Fidas, C., Avouris, N., Orvieto, I., (2015), Requirements Elicitation for new Video Game Development Tools: A Case Study, Proceedings, Workshop on The Landscape of the UX, 15th IFIP International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction - INTERACT 2015, September 2015, Bamberg, Germany.


This paper presents a case study involving requirements elicitation for new tools in video games development. Eight video game developer companies from three different countries and a variety of stakeholders (N=17) participated in a user study that was based on a tailor-made requirements elicitation framework. During the process, interesting issues emerged related to the applied method but as well concerning the presentation of innovative tools, as disruptive technology, the different stakeholders’ points of view and roles in the process, the role of technology providers and the organizational challenges towards this new game development pipeline. This case study provides interesting insights in applying a user-centered approach for requirements elicitation in the video game application domain and discusses lessons learned which can be of value for UX researchers and practitioners in video game research.

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