Patterns of use of open courseware in a Greek University: the eclass.upatras.gr case

[c208] Avouris N. (2016), Patterns of use of open courseware in a Greek University: the eclass.upatras.gr case, pp. 481-488, in T. A. Mikropoulos, N. Papachristos, A. Tsiara, P. Chalki (eds.), Proceedings of the 10th Pan-Hellenic and International Conference “ICT in Education”, Ioannina: HAICTE. 23-25 September 2016, ISBN 978-960-88359-8-6.


Academic year 2015-2016 has been the first one in which the University of Patras, made publicly available a large number of open courses, developed during 2012-2015. This courseware concerns 350 courses of many different disciplines that were published under creative commons license, through the University of Patras learning content management system (eclass.upatras.gr). This same platform also delivers course material to students of the University. During this first period of publication of the open courses, some patterns of their use emerged. These are presented and discussed in this paper. Wider implications of the development and deployment of open courseware by Greek universities are discussed in the final part of the paper.


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