Introduction to computing: a survey of courses in Greek higher education institutions

[c233] Avouris, N. (2018, November). Introduction to computing: a survey of courses in Greek higher education institutions. In Proceedings of the 22nd Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics (pp. 64-69). ACM., Athens, Greece. (DOI: 10.1145/3291533.3291549)

This paper presents the landscape of introductory courses in computing across Greek higher education institutions. The survey is based on publicly available data on courses and textbooks, obtained by the eudoxus.gr higher education courses/textbooks website. Research questions addressed include: (a) the approaches used and technologies applied in different courses, derived from the main course textbooks used; (b) differences between programs of study that have computing as major subject and no-computing ones; (c) trends in teaching computer science over a period of the last six years, and (d) comparison of the findings to other recent surveys in other parts of the world. This survey, which is the first of its kind in such scale for Greece, allows the community of computer science educators to define current progress of the field and address challenges related to teaching introduction to computing courses.

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