Method and Tools for analysis of collaborative problem-solving activities
[c94] Avouris N., Komis V., Fiotakis G., Dimitracopoulou A., Margaritis M., Method and Tools for analysis of collaborative problem-solving activities , Proceedings of ATIT2004, First International Workshop on Activity Theory Based Practical Methods for IT Design , Copenhagen, pp. 5-16, Denmark, September 2004. (pdf)


This paper provides an overview of the “Object-oriented Collaboration Analysis Framework (OCAF)” a method proposed for analysis and evaluation of collaborative problem solving activities of groups of actors, mediated by collaboration-support technology. This framework puts emphasis on the abstract and tangible objects that appear during the development of a solution to a given problem. The notions of the “objects’ histories” and “objects" ownership” are introduced by this analytical framework. In the paper tools that have been developed to support this framework are described, together with extracts of studies that have been undertaken, during which OCAF has been effectively used.


Collaborative Problem Solving, Analysis of collaborative activity, OCAF


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