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Mini course: Raspberry Pi Programming with Pyhton

An introductory course on how to use Python to programm the Raspberry Pi platform.

More info, the course outline and course material can be found here.

Introduction to Computers- ECE_Y103 (1st semester)
Course Title Introduction to Computing
Course contents
1 Digital representation, digital arithmetic. Information digitization and Character encoding.
2 Procedural programming with Python: Arithmetic expressions and commands, input/output and selection commands.
3 Loops, library functions (modules), functions defined by the user
4. Sequences, strings, lists, dictionaries and tuples.
5. Files, interface to the operating system
6. Sorting and searching algorithms, complexity.
7 Object Oriented Programming in Python, Definition of classes, objects, methods, inheritance.
8 Graphical user interfaces, programming with tkinter.
9 Computer architecture, Memory, Memory hierarchy, Central Processing Unit.
10 Operating systems: process management, scheduling, virtual memory.
11. Introduction to computer networks and the Internet. web programming
12. Data retrieval from the Internet.
13. Social aspects of computing, free and opensource software.
The course includes laboratory work involving algorithmic and programming and group work project.
Name of lecture(s) Nikolaos Avouris, Michalis Koukias, Vasilios Paliouras, Kyriakos Sgarbas, Polyxeni Stathopoulou

Data Bases - 22C901 (8th semester)
Course TitleData Bases
Course contentsThe course is introductory in databases with particular emphasis on the relational model and SQL. Introduction, conceptual database design. Data Modeling with Entity-Relationship Model, Relational Data Model,. Relational algebra, SQL, embedded SQL. Normalization. Internal Schema, files, indexes, multilayer indexes. Large databases, transactions, security, coordination of multiple transactions, database connections to the Internet, Interface of Relational Databases to XML. The lab includes guided analysis, design and database development using a web DBMS. The course includes optional groupwork
Name of lecture(s)Nikolaos Avouris, Polyxeni Stathopoulou

Human-machine Interaction and Design of Interactive Systems - 22C004 (10th semester)
Course TitleHuman-Machine Interaction and Design of Interactive Systems
Course contentsIntroduction, History, Review of the field of Human-Computer Interaction and design of interactive systems. Modeling the human as a user of a computer system. Cognitive models, perception, attention and memory, knowledge representation and organization. Mental models, user models, models of user groups, models of interaction. Introduction to interactive technologies. Styles of interaction. Methods and techniques for interactive systems design. Usability technology and standards. Tools and methods for interactive systems specifications, usability evaluation of interactive systems. Introduction to collaborative technology and technology for people with disabilities. Interaction in ubiquitous computing. The course is accompanied by laboratory work in interactive systems design and evaluation and includes optional groupwork projects.
Name of lecture(s)Nikolaos Avouris

Internet Computing - ECE_C0051 (9th semester)

Course Title Internet Programming
Course contents
The objective of the course is the study of the architecture and structure of the Internet, basic Internet application development tools, both from the client and server side.
1. Introduction to the Internet architecture, protocols
2. Programming on the client side (HTML)
3. HTML: forms
4. HTML: stylesheets (CSS)
5. JavaScript, basic structures
6. JavaScript, objects, DOM, events
7. PHP: Introduction
8. PHP, Part 2
9. PHP and interface to databases
10. Introduction to XML
11. XML DTD, XML Schema, XSLT
12. AJAX
Name of lecture(s) Nikolaos Avouris, Christos Fidas

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