This wiki contains tools to support the design of location-based mobile games. The tools are the result of research that was conducted by the Human-Computer Interaction Group (HCI Group) at the University of Patras, Greece, by Christos Sintoris, Nikoleta Yiannoutsou, Prof. Nikolaos Avouris and a number of undergraduate students as well as other graduate students.

The content of this wiki encompases following parts:


The design framework lays out main axes along which a location-based mobile game can be designed and analyzed. It was initially conceived for the design and later for the evaluation of MuseumScrabble, a game for a local history museum that used RFID tags and PocketPCs.


The design heuristics are designed in order to support a rapid conceptualization of game ideas for location-based mobile games. They were derived through the analysis of existing location-based mobile games in collaboration with Carmelo Ardito from the University of Bari.


The design patterns are an open collection of game design patterns that can be used for designing location-based mobile games. The game design patterns were derived through the analysis of game designs that were produced in

Game design workshops

The game design workshops contain both

Games and prototypes

Finally, a number of games that have been developed by members of the HCI Group.