What is Taggling?

It is a game that can be played by visiting the exhibition "Echoes of antiquity in the oeuvre of El Greco". From September 9th 2019 until October 6th, you can play in the exhibition in St. Mark's Basilica in Heraklion, Greece using your smartphone. In the game you match works of El Greco with artworks that reach from El Greco's time back to antiquity. You need to have a smartphone and the mood to explore El Greco's work.

The game is in the spirit of the exhibition, where the echoes of antiquity in the work of the Renaissance painter El Greco are explored. To complete the game you will have to match a series of artworks of the antiquity with paintings of El Greco.

Art historian Ianthe Asimakopoulou is the exhibition's curator.

When and how?

The game can be played from 9th September 2019-6 October 2019 at St. Mark's Basilica in Heraclion, Greece.


You will need to have an Android or iPhone smartphone.

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The game is single-player, and has three levels, each with a different color:

In the exhibition, a QR code tag is attached on each of El Greco's works.

Initial screen

Game entry

You can play without login and without sharing any data.

Level 1

At level 1 you play with the paintings with the yellow QR tag

"Η εκδίωξη των εμπόρων από το ναό"

When you scan a QR tag, the corresponding work of El Greco appears on the screen. Underneath, there are some antiquity artworks that do not correspond to this painting. You have to remove them and place them on the correct painting.

At any time, you can carry only up to 10 antiquity artworks!

This artwork has not yet been matched correctly

The painting "The Adoration Of The Magi", has not yet been placed on the correct painting of El Greco.

Maybe it corresponds to the work with the same name?


Everytime there is a correct placement, a short text explains why.

Correct placement

The player has already placed two correct artworks on El Greco's "The Adoration Of The Magi".

Taggling is a new implementation of an older game for the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.

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