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Participation in Interact 2023 at York

A large delegation of the Interactive Technologies Lab participated in this year’s edition of the prestigious INTERACT conference that was organized by the University of York. During the conference the members of the lab had the opportunity to meet with researchers from around the world, among which many ex-members of our Interactive Technologies Lab. In

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New generation of Integrated Master in ECE diploma theses

On October the 11th, we had the presentations of the diploma theses of our students. G.Papadoulis, S.Barousis, I.Kyvelos, K. Loukaidis, K.Tsomokos, G.Margaritis and D. Foteinos who all presented impressive dissertation projects. A photo of the presentation of G.Papadoulis who defended his project with title “Design of external controller for interacting with mixed reality environments”. The

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Post – CHI2022 event

Damianos Dumi Sigalas presented on September 16th his experience from this year’s CHI conference in New Orleans. Damianos participated in CHI 2022 where he presented a case study.  

Anastasios Ntourmas' PhD thesis defence

On 6th of July 2022, Anastasios Ntourmas presented his doctoral thesis publicly entitled: “Methods and tools to support interaction in Massive Open Online Courses“. The aim of the dissertation was to provide empirical evidence about instructional design quality issues of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), and to propose, implement and evaluate design guidelines for the

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Presentation of Diploma dissertations

At the 8th of July our students presented their final dissertation projects before a public audience in the premises of our lab as well as online via Zoom.          

Public presentation of students’ diploma theses

Seven of our lab’s students will publicly present their final year diploma theses on Friday, 8 July at 09:00. The presentation will take place on the premises of the lab, but it will be possible to follow the presentations via Zoom. The program and the Zoom link can be found in the invitation.

Extension of our infrastructure with cutting-edge equipment

We are happy to announce further extension of our laboratory research infrastructure by acquiring cutting-edge equipment with a total amount >50K. Among others, we obtained a state-of-the-art 41-channel Electroencephalography (EEG) device, a mixed-reality hands-free controllable headset and couple of eye-tracking lens. We aspire to design and conduct EEG multi-modal experiments to measure cognitive traits within

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Jason Athanasoglou's presentation.

Presentation of Diploma dissertations

After almost two years of remote examination of diploma dissertations, we went back to face to face presentations. On February 25, our students of our lab presented their final year dissertation projects in front of a packed seminar room of our lab.        


PlacesApp: A React Native app for cultural spaces

During the presentation of his recently concluded diploma dissertation, our student Konstantinos Toulis showcased PlacesApp, an application he build using React Native deployed for use in finding and navigating to sites of cultural interest.