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Benaki MuseumScrabble is a location-sensitive mobile game, built for the Benaki Museum in Athens. The game aims to engage visitors (mainly student groups) in a process of discovering relationships between museum exhibits and objects that are not exposed. The game is played between players or group of players, competing with each other. Each player or team has a mobile device that can read QR tags and can follow the progress of the game.



The game is developed by the Human-Computer Interaction research group of University of Patras. The development team consists of George Sachpatzidis and Maria Karpathiotaki, with the support of Christos Sintoris and Nikoleta Yiannoutsou, as well as the Benaki Museum and the greek IT company SiEBEN.


HCI research group has a particular interest in pervasive computing applications and portable and space-sensitive technologies. Some of our projects are: MuseumScrabble, CityScrabble, Invisible City: Rebels vs. Spies, Pompeii design activity, StoryPlay.



Serious Games - Computer games for learning and communication 19 June 2012

MLICT Symposium: Museum Learning through ICT 28-30 September 2012


BMS received the 1st prize in the new ideas section of a student competition during the Ubi-Patras 2012 event.