Usability evaluation of handheld devices: A case study for a museum application
[c102] Stoica A., Fiotakis G., Simarro Cabrera J., Muñoz Frutos H., Avouris N., Dimitriadis Y., Usability evaluation of handheld devices: A case study for a museum application, Proceedings PCI2005, Volos, November 2005. (pdf)
In this paper, we describe a usability evaluation study of a system involving PDAs, designed to be used in a traditional historical/ cultural museum. The system permits collaboration of small groups of museum visitors through mobile handheld devices. The key characteristics of the system are described first, which include a server and a client component and a tool that permits authoring of new activities. The usability evaluation study that involved typical users revealed some of the limitations of the design. The reported findings can be of use to practitioners interested in following similar approaches relating to evaluation of mobile technology.

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