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The Interactive Technologies Laboratory of University of Patras focuses on interdisciplinary research and teaching on issues related to the design and evaluation of interactive systems and more generally to the study of human-computer interaction. Today the group is made of 2 senior and 4 junior researchers, ten of undergraduate and graduate students, and an extensive network of external collaborators.


Areas of research interest

The main current research interests of the laboratory are in the area of ​​user interaction with culture, game based, location based interactive systems, learning analytics, user cognitive modeling, usable security.

Cultural technologies

The laboratory has over 10-year history in the area of ​​technology development for cultural heritage and has collaborated with major institutions in the field (Benaki Museum, Technopolis of Athens, Thessaloniki Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, National Gallery, Carnival Museum of Zakynthos, Patras University Museum of Science and Technology, University of Patras Library, etc.). This rich experience took the form of consultancy on use of technology, publications, guest lectures etc., and development of functional prototypes, which were installed and operated in individual venues and sites (eg Museumscrabble, CityScrabble, Invisible City .).

User experience measurements – Usability lab

The laboratory also has the experience and equipment to design and implement technology assessment studies with user logging protocols, expert inspection, checklists, etc. using eye tracker observation equipment (Tobii Glasses 2), etc. It has research potential for developing prototype technologies. and equipment to record their use experience. In the context of research projects and doctoral research, innovative tools such as KLM Form Analyzer for measuring the time for filling forms, AutoCardSorter for information architecture design support, etc. have been developed.

Academic – research achievements

The lab has been active since 1994, initially as a Human-Computer Interaction Research Group of the Computer Lab. In 2007 it moved to specially designed laboratories in the Ypatias Street  building that is housed until day, and since 2015 it has been established as an Interactive Technologies Laboratory by decision of the University of Patras Senate (Government Gazette 2567/27 – 2015). The activities of the Laboratory have resulted in 18 Doctoral Theses, over 100 Master/Diploma Theses of the Department of Electrical&Computer Engineering and other Departments of the University of Patras, while more than 20 students / researchers have been hosted in the framework of exchanges (Erasmus + program) from different countries. The laboratory has participated in over 30 funded projects, in the frame of national and international R&D programs. Hundreds of publications have been produced in journals, books, conference proceedings, and members have been awarded at international and European conferences and competitions (Best Historic Paper in MobileHCI (2015), 2nd prize in innovation competition Imagine Cup 2008, 1st prize in innovation in Athens Plaython 2012 : City Scrabble, 1st prize for mobile application competition Ubi Patras 2012: Project Benaki Museum Scrabble).