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Extension of our infrastructure with cutting-edge equipment

We are happy to announce further extension of our laboratory research infrastructure by acquiring cutting-edge equipment with a total amount >50K. Among others, we obtained a state-of-the-art 41-channel Electroencephalography (EEG) device, a mixed-reality hands-free controllable headset and couple of eye-tracking lens. We aspire to design and conduct EEG multi-modal experiments to measure cognitive traits within innovative breakthrough interaction realms like MR/AR and VR and gesture control along with visual and/or acoustic stimuli. Moreover, we aim to develop and evaluate an electroencephalography based framework for intelligent real-time modeling of user cognitive intentions, thus laying the ground for ground-breaking advancements in various Brain Computer Interaction research fields.

We also performed the first experiment in collaboration with other laboratories of the ECE Department at the University of Patras. The experiment included a driving simulator, made in Unity by students of the ECE Department, which triggered three different sources of stimuli (touch, hearing, vision) to measure the user’s reflexes during take-over control of the vehicle.