Proceedings of Intersocial Workshop on Online Social Networks

[v20] N Avouris and E. Pitoura,(ed.), Proceedings of Intersocial Workshop on Online Social Networks, Patras, June 2012, available from http://dmod.eu/intersocial


In recent years, we witness an unprecedented growth of social networking. The ever-increasing list of such networks include content sharing sites such as YouTube and Flickr, social networking platforms such as Facebook and Myspace, blogs, web forums, social bookmarking sites such as Delicius and massive online message exchange platforms such as Twitter.

The InterSocial project, funded in the frame of the Territorial Cooperation Program aims at exploring social networking to enhance the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in neighboring regions of western Greece and south Italy.

The 1st InterSocial workshop on online social networks is the first public activity of the project. The objective is to bring together researchers and practitioners of social media who discuss the challenges and the perspectives of these new media and in particular the opportunities that they offer to the SMEs of the deprived regions of the south of Europe, in particular in the current conditions of the economic crisis.


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