IMCL 2014: Taggling game at MMCA, Thessaloniki. November 14

Following the special session on Mobile Learning in Cultural Institutions and Open Spaces, that was organized in the frame of IMCL 2014, an event was hosted by the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (MMCA) on November 14th associated to the special session.

It was the official openning of the new game that was developed by the HCI Group for the Museum: Taggling. Taggling is a mobile location based game that is designed by Vicky Manoli (funded by Practiki Askisi) and Christos Fidas, Nikoleta Yiannoutsou of the HCI Group.

The players have to shift tags around the exhibits and if they attach the correct tag to an exhibit they gain points. Special thanks are due to the museum curators Stella Anastasaki and Christina Mavini who enthousiastically embrassed the new game, actively participated in its design and introduced the visitors to the event.

conference participants playing TAGGLING during the event






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