Opening up University Courseware: Lessons learned

[c198] Avouris N., Komis V., Garofalakis J., (2015), Opening up University Courseware: Lessons learned, Proceedings EDULEARN 2015, 7th Int. Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, IATED Publ., pp. 7585-7589. Barcelona, July 2015



The process of opening up course ware and in general education is often tedious, in particular for small to medium size public Universities. This is particularly the case in recent times that these Institutions strive for resources as cuts and austerity measures affect public education. Yet in Greece, in the middle of a major economic crisis the Open Courseware project was implemented as a large scale action aiming at development of open courses in many Greek Universities. The University of Patras was particularly active in this. It develops a large number of open courses by the end of 2015 in many different disciplines. The lessons learned during the process are discussed in this paper, with main focus on technological and organizational problems and pitfalls, faculty reservations and attitudes, often found in Universities with similar characteristics. 

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