The HCI Group at CHI 2016

Christos Sintoris and Nikos Avouris of the HCI Group attended CHI 2016 the major scientific conference of the Human-computer interaction field. This year CHI was organized in San Jose in California, in the heart of Silcon Valley. The HCI Group researchers contributed in two workshops related to games.

The workshop on Pervesive play in which they presented a paper on Exploring cultural space through location-based mobile games

And the GUR workshop on Lightweight Games User Research for Indies and Non-Profit Organizations, in which they prsesented the paper Evaluation of a new asset creation pipeline for indie game developers, this is an overview of the evaluation study that took place in the frame of CR-PLAY project, involving indie game developers.

The CHI Group researchers also participated in the special interest group meeting on Games. This was organized by Lennart E. Nacke, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada, Anna L Cox, University College London, London, United Kingdom, Regan L Mandryk,University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada and Paul Cairns, University of York, York, United Kingdom It has been an opportunity to participate in the games research community at CHI, which has become an ever-growing significant part of the conference, demonstrated by the inclusion of a games subcommittee at CHI 2016. In this event, a brief overview of the history of game research at CHI was given and then the community was engaged in a discussion about the scope that games research at CHI should have , exploring new outlets for academic dissemination, community outreach, and collaborations with practitioners.
Sintoris and Avouris in CHI 2016, San Jose
Christos Sintoris and Nikos Avouris at CHI 2016

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