Τhe interplay between space and micro-narratives in location based mobile games

[c226] Sintoris, C., Yiannoutsou, N., Avouris, N.  (2018), Τhe interplay between space and micro-narratives in location based mobile games, International Digital Storytelling Conference “Current Trends in Digital Storytelling: Research & Practices”, 21-23 September 2018, Zakynthos: UNESCO Club of Zakynthos, Greece.


This paper reports on the analysis of the design of two location-based games using micro-narratives. The two games were commissioned to two historic regions of Greece, Tzoumerka and Movemvasia. In both we applied the notion of linking micro-narratives to specific locations. The objective of both games was to introduce the players through the short stories to the history of the places to which the stories referred. The stories offered to the players a view to sites of interest as lived in spaces i.e. spaces where the characters of the story interacted and lived in the past. Game play consisted of situating the story in the location it was taking place (i.e. connecting the story to a specific location) giving points to the players when a correct association was made. The role of the player in relation to the narratives differed in the two cases. In the first game (taking place in Tzoumerka), the player, was the reader, who had to identify the setting of the story, while in the second, the player had a specific role in the story and thus had to solve problems that could advance the story. (pdf)



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