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Publication of our researchers receives the prestigious UMUAI James Chen award for best paper of 2019

G. E. Raptis, main author of the awarded publication

The User Modeling and User Adapted Interaction (UMUAI) James Chen Award is bestowed annually to the author(s) of the best paper of the year. The award has been donated by the Chen family in commemoration of James R. Chen, a creative researcher in the area of user modeling and information retrieval, and twice a UMUAI author. The award comes with a cash prize of U.S.$ 1,000. To select the winner, an award committee is formed from the editorial board of the journal which reviews all articles that were nominated by reviewers and the editorial board.

Prof. Judith Masthoff , Editor in Chief, User Modeling and User Adapted Interaction (UMUAI) has been recently announced that the paper “A cognition-centered personalization-framework for cultural-heritage content” authored by researchers of the Interactive Technology Laboratory of the University of Patras has won the UMUAI 2019 James Chen award for best paper for 2019.
Main author of the paper is George E. Raptis, who recently completed his PhD in our Department.

The paper proposes a cognition-centered personalization framework for delivering cultural-heritage activities, tailored to the users’ cognitive characteristics. The framework implements rule-based personalization algorithms that are based on cognition-centered user models that are created implicitly, transparently, and at run-time, based on classifiers that correlate end-user cognitive characteristics with interaction and visual behavior patterns.