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Presentation of Diploma dissertations

After almost two years of remote examination of diploma dissertations, we went back to face to face presentations. On February 25, our students of our lab presented their final year dissertation projects in front of a packed seminar room of our lab.

Stamatis Gkoumas' presentation of his Master's thesis.

Stamatis Gkoumas presents his Master’s dissertation on AR for vocational training.


Konstantinos Toulis' thesis presentation.

Konstantinos Toulis presented his thesis on a React Native app for navigating to sites of cultural interest.


Giannis Sialmas' thesis presentation.

Giannis Sialmas’ presents his thesis on investigating the benefits of using kubernetes for scaling web applications.


Jason Athanasoglou's presentation.

Jason Athanasoglou’s presents his neo4j ORM.


Maria Marantou's thesis presentation

Maria Marantou’s presented her thesis, a contribution to the ERD tool, remotely.